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Meet Nicole from TCU!

Nicole Hawkins
Nicole Hawkins from Texas Christian University (TCU)

Nicole Hawkins, Texas Christian University (TCU)
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Meet Nicole Hawkins from Texas Christian University (TCU)! Nicole is a freshman who has set herself the goal to become fluent in Spanish. She will be dedicating the summer to take on that mission with us in A Coruña, Spain! Nicole is joining our ten week long Summer Study Spanish & Intern in Spain program

What organizations are you involved in on campus?

I’m a writer for a student-run news platform called The Hop. We write short articles on current events with the hope of keeping busy college students informed. I’m also a leader in an interfaith group called Better Together. We invite people from all spiritual perspectives and religious traditions to work together around a common cause that helps others in need!

What are some of the places/things on your bucket list?

I’ve never been to Europe before and my dream has always been to backpack through as many countries as I can. I hope this summer makes me more comfortable with traveling abroad so that I can make this happen! I would also love to walk the Camino de Santiago one day! 

What are your future career goals?

I hope to go into political journalism once I graduate college. Whether that be abroad or here in the US, I want to write about politics!

What motivated you to choose Spain?

I have been studying Spanish at school for years but have never had the ability to apply the things I’ve learned in the classroom in real life. I hope to be able to communicate confidently in Spanish by the end of the summer!

What is your favorite quote?

Empowered women empower women.

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