Supporting Documents

There are two sets of supporting documents to be submitted. The first set, Application Supporting Documents, is due during the application process. The second set, Participant Supporting Documents, is due upon acceptance into the program. The due dates for all supporting documents is indicated in your student portal. 

1) Application Supporting Documents

Part of the application process requires that you submit supporting documents. All  programs will require the following:

  • Disciplinary Clearance Form (current students) or Academic Reference (graduates)
  • Profile picture (LinkedIn Style)
  • Indicated forms in your participant portal

All internship programs will required the following additional documents: 

  • Resume or CV (.doc or .docx format) Tip: You may use this template if you like).
  • Letter of motivation (.doc or .docx format): This letter should explain what you are looking for in an internship, why you would make a good candidate and any requirements you may have. 

Additionally, the following programs require the additional documents listed below.

All Spain Programs
Spain Semester/Year Program Only
  • PDF files of any prior higher education transcripts
  • Scanned passport ID page
  • List of courses you would like to take abroad

2) Participant Supporting Documents

Participant supporting documents are to be submitted after acceptance into the program.  All  programs will require the following:

  • Indicated forms in your participant portal
  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • Signed and completed waivers
  • Copy of your round-trip flight itinerary

Additionally, our Peru programs require:

  • A medical release or standard doctor’s note from your doctor or a travel clinic.
  • Your vaccine records. We keep these on file in case of emergency only. 
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