General FAQ

Q :  Where can I find information on obtaining a US Passport? (for US citizens)

A:  Click here

Q :  Does Linguistic Horizons offer scholarships or discounts?

A:  There are three ways to get a discount on the program fee. 1) Apply by the early bird deadline to save. 2) Recruit friends to join you. For every paying participant that indicates your name in the “How did you learn about us?” field of the application, you will receive $200 off your Program Fee. 3) Sign up to become a campus ambassador for discounts. Email us for more information if you’re interested in the campus ambassador option. info@LinguisticHorizons.com

Q :  Can I make payments to pay for my trip?

A:  Yes. You may make monthly or weekly payments leading up to your trip. Contact us if you have questions on this.

Q :  How can I pay for my trip?

A:  We encourage our participants to explore scholarship opportunities to help fund their study abroad experience. Here are a few to consider:

Many banks also offer student loans or credit cards which you may qualify for. Here are a couple:

Q :  Where can I find a good deal on my flight?

A :  We have arranged student discounts for our students, you may search for and book your flights here.

Q :  Can I use financial aid to pay for my trip?

A :  Maybe.  Each university has different rules about using financial aid for going abroad. Also, each type of financial aid may have different rules. You should contact your financial aid office or study abroad adviser to ask.

Q :  Do I need a visa?

A :  This depends on which program you’re applying for, your country of citizenship, country of destination, and how long you’ll be spending abroad. We recommend you contact the nearest embassy or consulate of your destination country to inquire about visa requirements. Each student is responsible for securing their visa when necessary. If you need anything from us to secure your visa, you must communicate that to us in advance.

Below, we’ve included some helpful resources for you.

Q :  My question isn’t here, what should I do?

A :  Contact us at info@LinguisticHorizons.com We’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Peru FAQ

Q :  Which airport should I fly into?

A :  You should fly into Cuzco, Peru (CUZ). We will pick you up from this airport. The closest international airport is Lima, Peru (LIM). You will most likely fly into Lima first, then catch a flight from Lima to Cuzco. You may search for discounted fares here.

Q :  What are the qualifications to participate?

A:  This varies by program. Please visit the program page of your interest and look for the requirements section.

Spain FAQ

Q :  What are the qualifications to participate?

A:  You must be at least 18 years old before your flight departure date. The program is open to college/university students and the general public. People with all levels of Spanish ability are welcome to participate in the study abroad option.

The internship option and the semester option require an intermediate level or above of Spanish.

 Q :  Which airport should I fly into?

A:  The nearest airport is LCG, A Coruña Airport. This is the best airport to fly into; though, you will likely first arrive in Madrid or Barcelona then take a second flight to LCG. You may search for discounted fares here.

Q :  How do I get to my accommodation from the airport?

A :  Before departure, you will be given the address and information for how to get there from the airport. There is a public bus that runs regularly and taxis are available outside LCG airport. We will arrange an airport pick-up for you upon request.

Q :  How do I get to school?

A :  You will purchase a bus pass and take the public bus which has many stops throughout the city and takes you to the Universidade Da Coruña campus for class. Please see bus information here.

Q :  What level of Spanish do I need to have?

A :  Courses will be offered at all levels and you will be placed according to your skill level. Interns need to have at least an intermediate level.

Q :   I’m bilingual, will the classes be too easy for me?

A : No. You will be placed in an advanced class. You will have the opportunity to improve your grammar and learn more about the Galician and Spanish culture. You will also have the option to improve your Spanish in a professional context through our internship option and/or Professional Business Spanish course.

Q :  How large are the classes in the summer?

A :  From 3-10 students.

Q :  Can I sign up with a friend and live with him/her?

A :  You can sign up with a friend. Upon request, we will place you together if possible; though, we encourage you to live separately to meet new people and practice speaking Spanish with your roommates.

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