About Us

About Us

Linguistic Horizons fosters globalization and foreign language learning through immersive study abroad and international internship programs. Request more information here.

Visiting Machu Picchu!

Our Programs:

Hailey & friends at Islas Cies!
Christina, Hans & Hailey in Spain!

David in Germany!

GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, UK or THE NETHERLANDS: Customized Internship Placements

NEW ZEALAND: Custom Internship Placements

Our Story

Linguistic Horizons was founded by Nicole Berry. During Nicole’s college career as an International Business student at San Diego State University, she became passionate about learning foreign languages and international travel.

Nicole spent the summer of 2005 studying Spanish with a large group of American students in Madrid. In 2007, she studied in A Coruña, Spain alongside local Spanish students for a year.

While living in A Coruña, she rapidly improved her Spanish skills as there were only two other Americans studying in the city.  Unlike in Madrid, the locals generally didn’t speak English. She found daily immersion in the language to be a highly effective learning method. Like many US students, Nicole started learning Spanish as a high school freshman. Today she is fully fluent, thanks in large part to her time in A Coruña, Spain.


Since Nicole’s return home in 2008, she knew she wanted to create immersive programs abroad to help others improve their foreign language skills.  In 2013, Linguistic Horizons was born. GSA_Partner_2color (1)

In 2014, Linguistic Horizons joined the Generation Study Abroad initiative to send double the number of US students abroad by 2019!


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