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10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

Whether you need to learn Spanish for an educational requirement or are learning just for fun, there are so many benefits to learning the language! Here are 10 reasons to learn Spanish.

Learning Spanish increases job prospects

Speaking Spanish gives you an upper hand in landing a job. Having knowledge of the language will set you apart from other candidates who many not have learned a second language.

Open your mind to new cultures

Learn a language and you learn the culture. An integral part of a culture is the communication between the people. Learning Spanish gives you a new understanding of a culture different than your own. 

Travel independence

You will feel more comfortable while traveling alone to Spanish speaking countries. Even basic knowledge of the language will help overcome communication barriers. Ability to speak the language will help you fend for yourself without having to rely on others to translate.

Learn other languages more easily

Learning Spanish opens the door to learning other languages. The Romance languages, for example, are all similar to each other.  After learning Spanish, you can pick up languages like Portuguese or French much easier than had you not studied Spanish. 

Understand more movies, songs, and books

No more subtitles or translations needed! Learning Spanish will create a new ability to understand Spanish lyrics, texts, and films.

Build your network

Learning a new language instantly opens you up to a new group of people who you can communicate with. There are many new possibilities for networking and new friendships!

Better understand your native language

 Learning Spanish will help you understand your native language even better. Learning the grammatical structure of Spanish helps you compare and contrast both languages. 

Understand your neighbors

If you live in a place where there is a diverse population, learning Spanish can help you understand others around you. 

Improve your cognitive skills

Your brain will benefit when you learn Spanish! Language learning improves cognitive function, keeping your brain sharper for longer.

Have fun!

 Learning a new language may sound intimidating; but, it doesn’t have to be. Have fun with it! Remember not to be hard on yourself, even if your accent isn’t great yet.

Learning Spanish can benefit you in so many ways! Looking for ways to improve your Spanish? Check out a Linguistic Horizons program in Spain or Peru! Spend a semester or full year or pick up a summer internship in Spain!  Still a beginner? You can check out our summer Spanish immersion program.  Prefer Latin America? Check out the internship in Peru program.  Looking to start improving your Spanish from home? Check out Pimsleur on Audible!

About the Author

Emily Vihonsky is an International Business student at San Diego State University. She is passionate about the Spanish language and travel! Currently, Emily is interning with Linguistic Horizons; and, is looking forward to helping other students achieve great experiences abroad. 

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