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Peru Internships

Peru Internships

Learn more about some of the available customized Peru internships described below.

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This is a partial list of Peru internships available for our Internship in Peru Program.  We arrange a customized internship placement for each participant. We also encourage you to send customized project proposals! Please email us at prior to completing your application.

Peru Internships
Discover Machu Piccu.

Peru Internships

Internship: Non-Profit Work, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Music Therapy, Early Education, Special Education, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition, Medical, Social Work, Non-Profit Administration

Company Description: A non-profit organization offering psychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, early stimulation, special education, nutrition and medical services to children of the community with special needs. 

Role Description: Intern’s role to be determined based on field of study. Non-profit administration, as well as students in the fields of: social work, medicine, education, psychology, nutrition, physical therapy, speech therapy, drama, etc. are needed. 

Internship: Education

Company Description: A low-budget pre-school for 3-5 year old local children.

Role Description: Interns will assist teachers and the pre-school director with running activities for the kids, English and organizational tasks. This role will open up your eyes to the reality of education and life in rural Peru.

Internship: Education & English

Company Description: A local hotel that acts as a second “home” to provide after school support to local community children.

Role Description: Interns may provide English lessons or help run other after school activities for local community children of all ages. 

Internship: Environmental Conservation, Social Entrepreneurship, Agriculture

Company Description: Volunteer efforts organized by a locally run team of female organic farmers. 

Role Description: Interns will learn about organic farming practices and composting. Additionally, interns may assist with the promotional and educational efforts of the value of organic farming for the environment and health benefits. 

Internship: Journalism, Writing, Blogging

Company Description: A variety of local companies

Role Description: Interns will assist with creating blog and social media content for a local non-profit organization or company. 

Internship: Social Entrepreneurship

Company Description: Socially responsible businesses and local non-profit organizations.

Role Description: Interns will assist and learn from the founder, or manager, of a socially responsible business or organization. They will learn firsthand what it is like to start a social venture.

Peru Internships
Expert Interview.

Internship: Marketing Communications

Company Description: Socially responsible businesses,  local non-profit organizations, other small businesses

Role Description: Tasks may vary according to the organization’s needs and student’s background. Interns may assist with the implementation and/or creation of a marketing strategy. They may also create and/or give marketing presentations.

Internship: Business, Marketing, Management

Company Description: Socially responsible businesses, local non-profit organizations, or other small businesses

Role Description: Tasks may vary according to the organizations needs and student’s background. Students may assist with social media marketing, creation of a sustainable business strategy plan, staff management, and/or business development.

Internship: Social Work, Psychology and Education

Company Description: A non-profit organization providing housing to high Andean community children so they may attend school without having to hike for several hours from their homes. 

Role Description: Interns may help the kids with their homework, organize activities, conduct community visits to assess the reality of the students’ home life and more. 

Peru Internships
Inty Raimy en Vilcabamba.

Internship – Audiovisual Communication

Company Description: An new audiovisual documentation center

Role Description: Interns will have the ability to work in a creative environment at a media center among other artists to focus on their own customized projects or an assigned project in the area of audiovisual communication.

Internship: Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism

Company Description: Hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast

Role Description: Working closely with hotel staff and management to provide guest services. Tasks may vary according to intern’s abilities and interests.

Peru Internships

Internship – Education & English

Company Description: Non-profit Organization Language School

Role Description: Teaching locals English or other important topics.

Internship – International Education

Company Description: An international education company providing Spanish immersion in Europe and Latin America

Role Description: Tasks may vary based on applicant’s strengths and interests.

Peru Internships
Urubamba Hiking!

Internship – Photography

Company Description: An audiovisual documentation center

Role Description: Interns will work with talented and renowned local photographers taking pictures throughout the Cusco region.

Peru Internships

Internship – Web Development & Design

Company Description: Local companies of varying types. 

Role Description: Helping local businesses  create or improve their web presence. This may include website development, social media planning, SEO, etc.

Peru Internships

Internship – Global Health, Medicine, Healthcare

Company Description: A plant-based Andean medicine clinic

Role Description: Work with local health care providers, nurses and Andean plant-based medicine practitioners to understand the needs of the local people and to provide ancient Andean medicine.  You may help provide hands on healthcare under the guidance of professionals.

Shalaya working with patients

Internship – Nutrition, Culinary Arts, Health & Food Science

Company Description: An organic, mostly vegetarian or vegan, restaurant.

Role Description: Interns will learn about Andean super foods and learn about vegetarian and vegan cooking and diet. 

Peru Internships
Potatoes in the high Andes!

Internship: Organic Farming

Company Description: Local organic farms

Role Description: Your role may involve hands-on work on the farm, learning about composting methods or helping the local farmers improve their business processes. 

Peru Internships

Internship: History, Latin American Studies, Tourism

Company Description: Local alternative tourism agency

Role Description: Working closely with a local tourism company to guide travelers on hikes and visits to nearby communities. The intern will learn about the history of the region under the supervision of knowledgeable guides. Interns may also assist with trip design and planning for future passengers.

Please email us at if you require more information about our Peru internships.

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