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Summer Internships in Spain

Summer Internships in Spain

Full Program Details ~ APPLY NOW

This is a partial list of the Summer Internships in Spain available for our Summer Internship in Spain Program. All interns must have some experience with Spanish for consideration. Spanish courses, for academic credit, are available to take prior to starting the internship and concurrently with the internship. Our 5 week internships are usually 100-150 hours and our 10 week internships are 200-300 working hours or 20-30 hours/week.

Summer Internships in Spain

Internship – Hotel & Hospitality

Company Description: A chain of European Hotels with locations throughout Spain, Portugal, and Hungary.

Role Description: Interns will work in the hotel’s reception. Responsibilities may include customer service, telephone and email guest correspondence,  reservations, check-in and check-out, billing, web services, assistance in the café, and ensuring guest satisfaction.

Internship – Veterinary Sciences, Animal Sciences, Animal Studies

Company Description: Veterinary Clinics

Role Description: Working in a veterinary clinic. May include assistance of animal care, surgical procedures and evaluation.

Christina at her aquarium internship!

Internship – Event planning and Decorating

Company Description: Special event and wedding decoration – small business

BIlyne at her wedding and event decorating internship

Role Description: Assisting wedding and event decoration company with planning for and decorating special events, especially weddings.

Internship – Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Company Description: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinics

Role Description: Interns will work with licensed physical therapists and/or Occupational Therapists.

Internship – Social Media Marketing & Business Development

Company Description: A variety of companies and company types will accept our Social Media Marketing interns. Company types include: restaurants, retail stores, cafes, night clubs, bars, hotels, hostels, tour agencies and other small to medium sized local businesses.

Role Description: Students will participate in a for-credit course in which they will learn how to create and implement a Social Media Marketing Strategy. Under the guidance of a professor, participants will be matched with a local business for which they will execute their learnings for a real business.

The Port

Internship – Public Relations & Marketing

Company Description: Nightclub or other small business

Role Description: Responsibilities may include creating a marketing strategy, branding, promoting events, and event planning.

Internship – Chemistry, Geology, Earth Sciences & Environmental Engineering

Company Description: Environmental Consulting Company

Role Description: Internship role to be adapted to the intern. May include laboratory assistance, visiting sampling sites, assisting with sample analysis, and more. 

Internship – Accounting, Marketing, Business Development

Company Description: Multinational consulting company

Role Description: Responsibilities may include international marketing strategy, business development, sustainable accounting, competitive analysis and other marketing related tasks.


 Internship – Sports, Surfing, Business Administration, Education

Company Description: Surfing School

Role Description: Help manage and run a surfing school. Tasks may include: supervising children, event planning, business administration, public relations, social media marketing, accounting, assistant management, and more according to interns interests and the needs of the school.

Internship – Statistics & Earth Sciences

Company Description: Mining association

Role Description: Help with projects related to GIS work, reporting of raw materials and mining works in the Galicia region.

Internship – History, Art, Literature, Museum Studies

Company Description: Museums (Art, Literature, History, Archaeology, etc.)

Role Description: Greet & receive museum visitors, assist museum staff with daily tasks, assist with guiding museum visits and setting up expositions.  Depending on student interests and background, special customized projects may be created.


Internship – Sciences & Museums

Company Description: A chain of scientific museums including the areas of marine biology, natural sciences, astronomy, anthropology, human studies, physical sciences, physics.

Role Description: Greet & receive museum visitors, assist museum staff with daily tasks, assist with guiding museum visits. Also, depending on student interests and background, special customized projects may be assigned.

Internship – Psychology

Company Description: Human behavior research group.

Role Description: Assist with the research carried out by research group staff and professors. Current projects students may contribute to include: social innovation, social studies, environmental sustainability, social communication, environmental education, and ecological footprints.

Internship – Education, ESL, English

Company Description: Private Language School

Role Description: Assist English professors, as student teachers, with teaching Spanish speakers English.

Internship – Intellectual Property Management

Company Description: International Technology Transfer & Patent Office

Role Description: Assist the  research project applicants and managers, as well as university professors who are patent owners as a result of their research.

City View

Internship – Bio Engineering

Company Description: Biological Engineering firm

Role Description: Assist the team with product design, drafting technical reports, designing graphical interfaces,  performing preparatory studies, etc. The exact role will be modified according to student’s capabilities. 

Company Description: Law firm

Role Description: Assist an attorney with legal duties, internship can be customized

Company Description: A non-profit organization working to help immigrants, from a variety of nationalities who in risk of social exclusion, assimilate to life in Spain. 

Role Description: Exact role will be modified according to the intern’s capabilities and interests. Tasks may include but are not limited to: teaching children, planning and supervising activities, assisting social workers, attorneys and/or psychologists provide pro bono services for the families.  Teaching English and Spanish to either children or adults, or literacy to adults is also possible.  

There are a wide variety of internships available. Please contact us if you are interested in a type of internship that is not listed here. 

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