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#GoAbroad4What Scholarship Contest Details

The #GoAbroad4what 7 Day Scholarship Contest

Starting on Tuesday, October 28th! See contest submissions here.

Directions: Start by following @Lingho_Abroad on Instagram. Then, each day post a pic on Instagram according to the Daily Rule with the tags #GoAbroad4what & @Lingho_Abroad each day. The person who earns the most points by Nov. 6th will win a surprise & a $250 transferable scholarship valid towards any of our study abroad or internship abroad programs!

How to Earn Points:

  • Posting a pic according to the day’s Daily Rule (maximum of 4 submissions per day) + tagging @Lingho_Abroad & #GoAbroad4what = 1 point each
  • Likes = 1 points each
  • Regrams (Another Instagrammer must regram your photo and tag #GoAbroad4What for this to count) = 3 points each
  • Sharing Instagram post on Twitter = 1 point each
  • Sharing Instagram post on Facebook = 2 points each

Daily Rules: Don’t forget to hashtag according to the day’s Daily Rule AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 1 – 10/28 Tuesday: Post a #TravelTuesday selfie holding a sign with one reason why you want to go abroad or why you’re glad you did. Then, tag friend(s) who you want to inspire to go abroad! AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 2 – 10/29 Wednesday:  Post a #WorldWednesday pic from the country you studied/interned/volunteered abroad in OR the country where you want to go the most. AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 3 – 10/30 Thursday: Post a #ThrowbackThursday  pic of you during a past trip and add and tag who you went with, if anyone. AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 4 – 10/31 Friday: Post a #Halloween themed pic! Extra point if it’s a #FlashbackFriday pic of you in your Halloween costume!  AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 5 – 11/1 Saturday: Post a pic of the most beautiful thing you see today & comment why it inspires you to #seetheworld.  AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 6 – 11/2 Sunday: Post a #SundayFunday pic holding a sign with a #travelquote you live by & tag 3 friends.  AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

Day 7 – 11/3 Monday: Post a #goodeats pic of your favorite foreign food, hashtag the country it’s from.  AND tag both #GoAbroad4What and @Lingho_Abroad

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